Studies have shown that globally, we produce 13 million tons of textile waste which makes the fashion industry one of the most wasteful industries in the world. We have made it a priority to reduce our carbon footprint in order to help save the planet. 


  • Each collection we produce is made in limited quantities. We only restock our most popular styles each season in order to prevent over production
  • Our shipping boxes are made from Kraft with limited ink used to reduce carbon emissions and harsh dyes. These boxes are designed to be recycled
  • Our Thank You cards, hang tags and envelopes are all made of recyclable paper 
  • Our hygiene liners are now biodegradable 
  • We have eliminated single use plastic during our sampling process and do not use any plastic materials when shipping orders 


  • Switch over to biodegradable swimwear pouches by the end of 2022
  • Introduce recyclable fabrics into all of our future products