Mexico is just one of those places you couldn't possibly get tired of. This was only my second time there but I already know I'll be back another 50 times. My new collection is inspired by Tulum's natural beauty and architecture so it was the perfect place to start my year. 

I stayed at the most beautiful penthouse in Tulum town. Mexico doesn't have Uber and ya'll already know how they get down so I highly suggest renting a car for easy transportation, or you can just use their main taxi service which is very reliable and safe. There was one employee that gave me his number so I used him most of the time and he was super reliable and professional. I will say I felt much safer than what people were telling me prior to going. The Airbnb was on an extremely dead street with no lights but I walked to the apartment on some nights and felt safe. 

Places to eat:

Antojitos La Chiapaneca (cash only)

Best tacos in Tulum for sure! FYI: Their hours of operation are a little weird. They were closed on certain days, closed during the day most times but we ended up going on our last day at 12PM. Just don't plan to go on a certain day at a certain time only to pull up and find that they're closed. 

Bonita Burger Bar

Another spot for a more casual lunch or dinner. Their burgers are so fresh and flavorful with great drinks!

Rosa Negra

Tulum has so many amazing upscale restaurants and Rosa Negra might be my favorite. The decor is so beautiful, the drinks are amazing and the food is to die for. Get the chipotle cheddar mashed potatoes as a side dish, you won't regret it!

Burrito Amor

Best burritos ever! I had one with eggs and shrimp (don't judge, it was like 12PM and I wanted breakfast food). Their coconut water was so fresh! 

Local Food Stands 

I recommend telling your taxi driver to take you to the street where they sell churros (they'll know). One of my drivers took me to this street with a bunch of food stands that were selling tacos, churros, elotes and other street snacks. The churro lady made me fresh churros and I drizzled condensed milk on mine. Any other churro just doesn't compare...

Things To Do:

Cenotes and Lagoons 

Mexico is known for their beautiful cenotes and underground caves with crystal blue water. I didn't get to go to any on this trip, but I did experience one in Cancun. There are so many to choose from, all equally as breathtaking. 

Mayan Ruins

Mayan Culture is deeply rooted in Tulum and so I visited the ruins where their oldest architecture is displayed. It's 80 pesos (about 5 USD) to enter and you have access to their ruins and the beach below the mountain that they rest on. Lots of walking involved to get there so don't wear heels like I did, you'd think that would be common sense. You can also take a bus to get there, it's only about a 10 minute ride so I imagine walking would take about 15-20 minutes. You have the option of hiring a tour guide or just roaming around yourself. It's really beautiful and the beach is the perfect way to end the experience!

Holistic Healing

For Valentines Day, I spent the morning relaxing at Yäan Healing Sanctuary. I enjoyed a couples massage, detox bath and lounged around in their natural water pools and saunas. It was the best massage I've ever had in my life! This spa incorporates some of Mexico's longest-used, most powerful natural remedies and spiritual cleansing methods. The ambience was amazing and so relaxing; their services are pricey but I encourage everyone to treat themselves and visit this spa. Conde Nast Traveller named it one of the top 8 best spas in the world! So rightfully deserved.